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This is Potent.

Affordable and effective social media for your canna-business. Guaranteed.

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Best of Breed

Our network of top fight marketers have decades of combined experience to bring the very best strategies to your growing business.


Money Back Guarantee

All our projects have upfront pricing and a 100% guarantee. You know what you'll get, for what price, and you'll be satisfied every time. Guaranteed.


Consistency Over Concept

Drop your expensive agency selling you on high concept campaigns and invest in tried and true tactics for real-world ROI. Consistency is the name of the game.


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Purchase proven tactics, not hours. At Potent, we offer top-shelf service at flat rate prices.

– Flat rate pricing
– No hourly tracking
– No time management


Drop Your Expensive Agency

Our sweet spot is serving clients who demand high-quality but without the price tag and contracts of an expensive agency.

– Vetted digital marketers
– Affordable pricing
– No contracts